Who We Are


Established in 1981 Genzyme Diagnostics was the very first division within the corporation. Diagnostics offers a unique product portfolio for diagnostic manufacturers and clinical laboratories worldwide. Our product offering comprises three different areas;

Diagnostic Intermediates or critical raw materials
Finished reagent kits for use on Clinical Chemistry analyzers
Point of care rapid tests

Genzyme’s Intermediates are manufactured in our Kent, UK facility which is both cGMP and ISO certified. See the “Our Products” tab on this website to view a complete listing of the various enzymes, substrates and antibodies that are supplied by Genzyme.

Genzyme is also the market leader in HDL and LDL cholesterol kits which are used on a wide array of chemistry analyzers world wide. In addition to the cholesterol reagents, the Diagnostics Division also markets kits for Pancreatitis and Diabetes monitoring.

Finally Genzyme has a complete line of rapid tests for use in the point-of-care setting. The OSOM® brand includes tests for pregnancy, strep A, and mononucleosis. Recently we added tests in the women’s health setting for Trichomonas and Bacterial Vaginosis. These tests are manufactured in our San Diego, CA facility.

Genzyme Diagnostics also has active research programs in a variety of different Clinical areas.